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Monday, 1 June 2009


I'm starting to love this woman!

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  1. On this page you have a picture of Ruby Rose
    which is originally from our site and which is owned by us:

    As the usage is non-commercial (and for as long as it remains non-commercial) we are happy for you to continue using the picture in this context only on the following licence terms:

    i) The picture will be acknowledged:

    Copyright Time Out Sydney
    This can be done in the ALT text of the image or included near the picture.

    ii) At all times that you use the photo you will include a working, clickable link to:

    We are happy for the "Copyright Time Out Sydney" to be linked back to our site.

    Sorry to get in touch in such a negative way, we love your blog, but there have been some people using our works for their own profit and not telling us so we have started to search the web for duplicates of our photos.

    Boring but necessary.

    Please confirm by a return email that you agree to this and have carried out the changes.
    Let me know if you have any questions.