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Friday, 29 May 2009

Catherine Mcneil + Ruby Rose!

Excuse the watermarks but I just had to share these...

The stunner on the left is Australian supermodel Catherine Mcneil, she used to date Freja Beha Erichsen and although there hadn't been any official word, rumor had it that the two had split up. The girl on the right is Ruby Rose, she's an Australian MTV presenter and used to date one of The Veronicas and had a 'thing' with fellow Aussie Myf Sheppard.

Shame about Mcbeha but these two look so good together!

source:Tito media via tfs


  1. No frigging way! None of the McBeha photos got even close to being this graphic!
    They do look quite nice together, though.

  2. wow, ace pics! love your blog, by the way, and all the other stuff in it. always glad to see some girl on girl action. haha

  3. Oh shit. What about Freja now? Did she cheat my Freja? :)

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