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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

An Acquired Taste

Recently I've started to get really into True Blood, it's fantastic but sadly it's not on in the UK as of yet, but obviously if you've missed it you can always catch it online. Now, I couldn't help but notice the sexiness of actress Anna Paquin, which is quite odd because I remember her as the girl that taught geese how to fly in 'Fly Away Home'. Bizarre.
Anyway, my mate who I've been watching it with can't bear watching it when Miss Paquin comes on screen because of her gap-tooth. This girl has got some serious gap - but is it totally weird that I like that? Really really like it got me thinking of other sexy women out there with the cute gap-tooth, I don't know about you, but I just love 'em!
anna paquin
lara stone
lara stone

abbey lee kershaw

abbey lee kershaw
Also, on another note I've decided that Wednesday will be my 'girl of the week' as if I don't have enough girls on here already I know, but I thought I'd make a proper feature of it. It may be a model, musician or actress, but they'll be new to the blog - ie, it wont be Freja every single week!
Friday will be my music post, I'll be recommending a new band I've found or a new song I cant escape - if you have any ideas leave me a message.
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