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Saturday, 2 May 2009

New Gay Grrrl

Drum-roll please...television has a fresh lesbian on the scene! UK soap drama Hollyoaks has introduced new character Lydia to the gang - played by Lydia Kelly. Lydia is a cool openly gay rock chick, who coincidentally bears a huge resemblance to Agyness Deyn.

For the time being Lydia and her friend Sarah seem to have the hots for one another - but this being being Hollyoaks I won't be shocked when it all falls apart next week.

What is refreshing however is that Lydia is open about her sexuality and doesn't feel the need to hide it to anyone, this is so refreshing and means we don't have to have weeks of the 'am I gay storyline?'

Keep up with the sexy Lydia/Sarah storyline Hollyoaks, but please don't ruin it!

Picture source:http://www.HollyoaksBabes.Net

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  1. cool to read this article. i write lydia/sarah fan fic at ivyoaks.